Virginia Detox Centers

The Mother of States is a southern state that is full of charm and unique history. 8.2 Million people call Virginia home and for good reason. With more than half the state running along the Atlantic coastline, Virginia features widespread beach towns with a laid back vibe. Sadly, addiction is also a problem along the coast.

Cities like Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Newport News have been deeply impacted by the substance abuse problems that plague the rest of the country. The opioid epidemic has taken the area by surprise and deeply impacted employment, healthcare and the community at large. But there is hope. Virginia detox centers provide a helping hand to those struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol by offering a safe, medically monitored location for early recovery from addiction.

Virginia Addiction Statistics

• Binge drinking is of average concern in Virginia where the total overall rate of adults that report binge drinking is about 21.95% which is just below the national average of 22.92%.
• Alcoholism that requires professional treatment appears to impact about 6.49% of Virginia’s residents. This figure is slightly lower than the national average of 6.7%.
• The opioid epidemic affects millions of people nationwide and Virginia is not immune. The CDC reports an increase in Virginia opioid overdose death rates since 2013 at a rate of about 14.7%.
• Nearly 1000 people annually die as a result of opioid overdose each year in Virginia.

Virginia Inpatient Detox Centers

No matter how bad addiction may seem, or how much of a struggling withdrawal may be, inpatient detox centers in Virginia can help. These specialized programs are aimed at guiding addicts through the most difficult stages of addiction recovery when symptoms of withdrawal often hinder healing efforts.

Here’s what you can expect at an inpatient detox center in Virginia:

• Consistent medical care to ensure you remain safe and stable during detox.
• Around-the-clock support when you need it.
• A treatment setting that allows you to step away from your situation of substance abuse and focus on recovery.
• A healing environment that is committed to keeping you comfortable.

Many believe that detox is painful or that it will be hard—and if you attempt to go though it at home, alone, it will be. But detoxing in an inpatient rehab center is NOTHING like detoxing at home. These programs have medications that can stop withdrawal symptoms in their tracks and provide you with the strength to carry on.

Get Help for Substance Abuse in Virginia Today

If you or someone you care about is addicted, calling for help is the first step in the healing process. You don’t have to detox alone. In fact, you SHOULD NOT detox alone. Call our helpline toll-free today for a free, no-obligation referral to a Virginia detox center that can help you put your best foot forward and make a full recovery from addiction.