Nebraska Detox Centers

Nearly two million people call Nebraska home including many families that live in Omaha, Fremont, Lincoln and Norfolk. A thriving job market and great schools make this area a cultural center for families. Sadly, 7% of Nebraska residents report having abused drugs in the past 30 days and 3% are addicted to a substance other than marijuana and should receive treatment in a detox center or similar treatment facility.

Nebraska detox centers offer the estimated 60K people struggling with addiction to heroin, opiates, alcohol or other dangerous substances a safe place to withdraw and begin the journey to recovery. If you or someone you love needs help getting sober, call our helpline for immediate assistance. We’ll connect you with a detox center in Nebraska that can guide the way.

Nebraska Drug & Alcohol Addiction Statistics

• Nebraska struggles with addiction but not to the extent that many other states do. In fact, the state has a lower than national average rate of addiction overall.

• 20% of high school students report binge drinking in the past 30 days.

• Various counties in the state are considered High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas. These are areas where drug smugglers are likely to transport dangerous substances through the state and into other areas of the country.

• Stimulants account for 35% of Nebraska treatment admissions. This includes methamphetamine, cocaine, crack and similar drugs.

Fortunately, Nebraska ranks rather low on the spectrum when it comes to overall drug use and crime. However, this does not mean the state is immune to problems. Various struggles with drugs and alcohol impact residents and create a unique need for specialized treatment services throughout major cities such as Omaha and beyond.

Inpatient Detox Clinics in Nebraska

If you’re looking for inpatient detox, we can help. Many residential centers are available to assist you or your loved ones in overcoming addiction and embarking on the journey to recovery and healing. Look to inpatient detox to:

• Safely overcome withdrawal symptoms.

• Receive medical intervention to help curb cravings.

• Overcome the physical stronghold of addiction in preparation for psychological recovery.

• Begin the recovery journey.

One call can get you started on the greatest journey you may ever take. An important journey for sure. We’ll connect you with Nebraska detox centers that can guide you in the healing process. Our trained treatment specialists are ready to help you decide:

• Whether inpatient or outpatient detox is the right choice for your needs.

• Whether you can afford local detox center programs or if you may benefit from a program outside your hometown.

• Whether you should be prepared for significant time in rehab or if you may benefit from 30 days of therapy immediately following detox.

• How you can get the most out of treatment that is available to you.

Call our helpline today and we’ll guide you to the best detox center for your needs immediately.