South Dakota Detox Centers

One of the lesser populated states in the country, South Dakota is home to some of the biggest natural attractions the United States has to offer. Mouth Rushmore attracts visitors from around the world annually who come to experience the beauty of SD in all its glory. Although only 800K people call South Dakota home, this hardly means that the state is immune to problems.

Addiction rates are understandably lower than the national average, but despite the low population, nearly 20K residents report past month illicit drug abuse on a given day. The CDC reports that South Dakota is struggling with the opioid epidemic just like the rest of the nation. Rates of opioid overdose are rising at about 13% annually.

South Dakota Addiction Statistics

• Individuals aged 12-20 that abuse alcohol in the past 30 days are rather uncommon in South Dakota. This represents a lower than average rate of high school alcohol abuse which is a positive sign for the state.
• Unfortunately, alcohol IS the number one cited substance for which people are admitted into treatment so although teens may not be actively binge drinking it would appear that many adults find themselves in this rut at some point in their lives.
• Methamphetamine abuse is steadily rising in South Dakota. The number of meth related crimes reported from 2015-2016 rose by more than 25%.

Choosing Inpatient Detox in South Dakota

If you’re wondering whether detox is really necessary, or whether you need inpatient care, consider the following:
• Without inpatient detox, your risk for complicated withdrawal symptoms is elevated. Should a medical complication arise, the risk for long-term problems associated with the situation is also elevated.
• Inpatient detox can help you to remain comfortable and at ease during treatment. You won’t have to suffer and struggle through the worst symptoms of withdrawal.
• Inpatient detox provides a greater chance for you to overcome addiction and break free from the cycle of withdrawal that is keeping you stuck.

Professional help in an inpatient detox center in South Dakota will ensure:

• You remain safe.
• You get sober.
• You have medications necessary to keep you comfortable.
• You get support when you are feeling emotionally upset or depressed.
• Your anxiety and fears are kept in check.

Get Detoxification Help in South Dakota Today

We’re here to help you every step of the way. From finding and choosing the best South Dakota detox center to properly staging the admissions process so that you can plan travel and your stay in care, we’ll guide the way. Call our toll-free helpline anytime, day or night to be connected with a detox specialist that can assist you in the next steps.

Your recovery can begin within a couple of hours if you make this phone call for help. We realize it’s hard or even scary, but you have to understand that NOTHING is more scary than living life addicted. This phone call will change that lifestyle and save you from your addiction for good.