Vermont Detox Centers

The Green Mountain State is home to about 625K people. Located in New England, this state has not been hit quite as hard by the opiate epidemic as states like Massachusetts and New York, but it’s hardly been left out the crossfire. Opioid overdose deaths doubled from 2004-2015 in Vermont and while this number is low compared to many areas, we must recognize that it’s still someone’s father, mother, sister or brother that dies each time opiates claim a life.

Cities such as Burlington, Montpelier and Newport are impacted deeply by addiction to drugs and alcohol. While less than 100 people die each year as a direct result of drug use in Vermont, there are still an estimated 13.73 percent of the state’s population struggling with addiction to illicit substances such as methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin or other drugs.

Vermont Addiction Statistics

• Recently, Vermont ranked highest in the country for past month illicit substance abuse.
• Close proximity to major hub states such as New York and Massachusetts make Vermont a gateway for drug trafficking specifically for the trafficking of heroin, cocaine and crystal meth.
• Prescription opiate sales are growing as are the number of accidental opiate overdose deaths. As with other states, the number of people who die from overdose directly correlates with the number of opioid prescriptions that are given to residents.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Detox Centers in Vermont

Treatment is the best possible option for those struggling with any addiction to drugs or alcohol. Why? Because when you seek professional care you can step away from the stronghold of addiction and into a clean and sober lifestyle.

Inpatient detox centers in Vermont aren’t found on every street corner, but there are a few notable centers where you can expect to be well-cared for during your time of need. These centers offer:

• Around-the-clock care that ensures your proper medical monitoring and safety.
• Medical intervention to reduce cravings and negate any symptoms of withdrawal that are too much to handle.
• Support to help you remain emotionally stable as you say goodbye to drugs or alcohol for good.

Outpatient detox centers can also provide significantly more care than what you would receive if you attempt to detox alone. While outpatient detox centers in Vermont are not ideal for major cases of addiction that include heavy withdrawal symptoms, they can be beneficial to those who are struggling with only mild drug problems.

Find Detox Help in Vermont Today

We’ll help you find and choose the right Vermont detox center for your needs. Whether you’re struggling with a lifelong addiction to heroin or a weekend addiction to cocaine, treatment can help you get sober and stay that way.
Call our helpline toll-free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to receive support and guidance. We’ll immediately refer you to a Vermont detox center that can assist you in the healing process.