Pennsylvania Detox Centers

12.8 Million people call Pennsylvania home. This includes college age students, the young and the old, men women and children. Sadly, nearly 8% of those who are living in the state are also struggling with addiction to illicit drugs such as heroin, cocaine or methamphetamine. Many will require professional treatment in order to quit.

Pennsylvania detox centers are available throughout the state in major cities such as Bethlehem, Erie, Lancaster and Philadelphia to help those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Although less than 3% of those who are addicted will actually seek professional treatment, those who do have an abundance of choices from which to choose. If this all seems overwhelming to you, call our helpline for assistance. We’ll connect you with a Pennsylvania detox center that can guide you to recovery.

Pennsylvania Addiction Statistics

• Commonwealth of Pennsylvania reports that Governor Wolf and his administration have enacted a number of services to help reduce the impact of the opioid epidemic. This includes Naloxone dispensing and drug take-back initiatives to reduce the number of illicit prescriptions that are on the streets.

• More than 2,000 people die annually as a result of drugs in Pennsylvania and this number continues to rise. This is more than the number of deaths caused by motor vehicle accidents and violent firearms in the state.

• We know that violent crime and addiction go hand in hand. As such, 439 violent crimes per 100K residents occur in Pennsylvania each year. This places Pennsylvania 21st in the country for violent crimes.

Pennsylvania Inpatient Detox Centers

For those who want to break free from addiction, Pennsylvania detox centers are available to help. These centers provide:

• Around-the-clock monitoring and support.
• Treatment interventions to ensure patient safety.
• Medically maintained detox including methadone and suboxone maintenance programs.
• Prescription medications that can reduce withdrawal symptoms.
• Support that ensures patients remain focused on recovery and healing.
If you’re not sure whether these services can help you, consider what it’s like to detox at home. If you’ve tried it before, you likely already know how impossible it seems. Detox can be painful, emotionally and physically. But it doesn’t have to hurt—inpatient detox centers in Pennsylvania can help you get sober without the pain and frustration that comes with attempting this process at home, alone.

You are Not Alone – Get Help in PA

If you’re ready to get sober, we’re here for you. Our treatment specialists are standing by to take your call anytime, day or night. We will immediately connect you with a Pennsylvania detox center that can provide you with safe, comfortable, reliable treatment for addiction that doesn’t leave you feeling burnt out or in a rut.
You are never alone—one call can change the entire situation. Anytime, any day, you can call our helpline for support. Find a detox center near you today and begin the journey to recovery and healing that was meant for you.