Nevada Detox Centers

Millions of people call Nevada home. With cities like Las Vegas, Boulder City, North Las Vegas and Reno there’s no wonder why so many people find this to be a popular destination for both work and for fun. But as with any state that has a diverse population and big city lifestyle, addiction is also a major concern throughout the state.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health statistics, Nevada is consistently in the top ten states in the U.S. for past month illicit drug use among adults over the age of 26. For those who are currently struggling with addiction, Nevada detox centers provide a stepping stone away from the strongholds of addiction and into a lifestyle of recovery and healing.

Nevada Addiction Facts

• Methamphetamine is of grave concern in Nevada. This is largely due to the location of the state in comparison to California, Mexico and the generally High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas specially in Clark and Washoe counties.

• Drug overdose accounts for more deaths in Nevada than motor vehicle crashes each year.

• Most treatment admissions are the result of stimulants such as meth, cocaine and crack.

• Sadly, Nevada is one of the most violent states in the country accounting for nearly 1K violent crimes per 100K people living in the state.

Nevada Inpatient Detox Programs

Where do you turn when you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol and can’t quit because symptoms of withdrawal are severe? Detox! Nevada detox centers provide you with a safe, comfortable option to recovery and healing.
You don’t have to try to do this all alone. You can get sober, without being in constant pain or agony while detoxing. That’s what a detox center is all about—helping you overcome withdrawal without the pain and misery of detoxing alone at home.

During inpatient detox you will:

• Receive medications that help to curb cravings.

• Receive medical care that will reduce your risk of relapse.

• Receive support that will keep you focused on recovery.

• Learn how to avoid situations that could derail your recovery.

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