Oregon Detox Centers

Substance abuse and addiction are national concerns that impact every single city and state in the country, including Oregon. Recent studies show that of the more than 4 million residents currently living in Oregon, nearly 13% or more than 500K of them have abused illicit drugs other than marijuana in the past 30 days. This pristine state has a serious addiction problem to be concerned about.

Oregon detox centers are found scattered throughout major cities such as Bend, Eugene, Hillsboro, Portland and Salem. These facilities offer members of the Pacific state ease of access to the support and medical care needed for recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol. If you or someone you know is addicted to drugs or alcohol and needs help, call today for a free assessment.

Oregon Addiction Statistics

• Indicators show that Oregon ranks in the top 10 states for having the highest problem with a number of drugs at various age groups. For instance, they are one of the top ten states for individuals aged 12-26 that admit past month drug or alcohol abuse.
• The number of drug-related deaths per 100K residents in Oregon is 15.1 which is higher than the national average of 12.8.
• Methamphetamine and heroin as well as prescription drugs are the greatest threats in Oregon.
• Certain counties, specifically near Portland and Salem, are considered High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas in which possession or trafficking of drugs is considered higher than in other areas of the state.

Inpatient Detox Centers in Oregon

If you’re struggling with addiction, detox can help. Inpatient detox centers in Oregon are prepared to guide you through the withdrawal process. From the beginning you’ll be admitted into a safe, clean environment where you can focus your time on healing and recovery without the risk of relapse or danger from complications that may arise during withdrawal.

For alcoholism, heroin addiction and benzodiazepine addictions, inpatient detox is the first choice in care. This ensures your safety and comfort. The Oregon detox center staff will provide you with medications that can ward off symptoms of withdrawal and will even make you feel at ease during the detox process. You can’t get those kinds of comforts at home.

If you’re feeling like maybe your addiction doesn’t warrant the need for around-the-clock treatment or that you don’t need the confines of inpatient detox, outpatient detox centers in Oregon can provide a more relaxed treatment approach while still offering many of the benefits of a residential detoxification program.
Get Help Today

No matter what your situation is, getting the professional help of an Oregon detox center ensures your safety in recovery. We’ll help you find a detox center that’s right for you. Just call our helpline toll-free for assistance. Operators are standing by to take your call anytime, day or night. We’re ready when you are.