New Hampshire Detox Centers

Substance abuse is the growing cause of unemployment, increased healthcare costs and untimely death in the United States. New Hampshire, though a beautiful state to live in, is in no way immune to the perils of substance abuse and addiction that are currently ravaging the rest of the nation. A recent report showed that opiates are the drug of choice for many New Hampshire residents and opiate related overdose deaths are on the rise.

New Hampshire detox centers aim to eradicate addiction by offering a way to safely, comfortably detox from drugs or alcohol and prepare for long-term sobriety and healing. Sadly, of the 1.3 million people living in New Hampshire, 5% or an estimated 65K people are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Only 2% will seek professional treatment for their addiction. Most will struggle never actually getting the help that they need.

New Hampshire Drug and Alcohol Addiction

• Manchester police departments reports 75 opiate overdose deaths in 2015 and an increase since.

• A local law enforcement office reported more than 13 overdose calls in a single week of 2016.

• Manchester law enforcement, fire fighters and EMS professional administered 2K doses of naloxone to counteract heroin or other opiate overdose in a recent year.

• Prescription opiates including hydrocodone, oxycodone and oxycontin are the primary culprit for addictions in New Hampshire accounting for the majority of treatment admissions followed closely by heroin and cocaine.

Close proximity to various New England states, New Hampshire is considered a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area that often has drug smugglers and traffickers coming through to dispense or disperse drugs to other states in the country.

New Hampshire Detox Facility Options

Inpatient detox centers in New Hampshire provide safe, controlled treatment for addiction and withdrawal in a medically monitored environment that ensures the comfort and safety of the patient. Here you can overcome even the strongest symptoms of withdrawal with ease. No more daily struggling with addiction—treatment can help.

During inpatient detox you will:

• Receive medications that help you to fight against drug cravings.

• Receive medications to help you sleep and combat insomnia.

• Be monitored to ensure you are safe and comfortable.

• Learn how to appreciate sober days and to count them as a blessing.

How Much Does Detox Cost?

Many wonder if they can afford detox. Inpatient detox centers in New Hampshire range in price just as much as they range in the services that are provided. A luxury detox program could cost upwards of 5K for a week of treatment while a standard detox program may offer free or low-cost treatment solutions to those with or without insurance.
For help finding a detox center in New Hampshire that’s right for you or a loved one, call our helpline toll-free. We’ll answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provide immediately support. Treatment specialists are ready to assist you in finding and choosing the best detox center for your individual needs. One call changes it all.